Chicken on May 3rd, 2011

Water – chicks drink a lot of water. Make sure there is always clean, fresh water available to them at all times. Watch your chicks when you first get them to make sure they are drinking. Some people dip the tips of their beaks into the water to let them know it is there. But […]

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Chicken on May 3rd, 2011

Warmth – the first week make sure it’s 90-100 degrees, with 95 degrees being optimal, then you can reduce it by 5 degrees each week thereafter, while the chicks are feathering out (5-8 weeks old). Once you get to 70 degrees F, they should be fine on their own. A thermometer in your bathtub-brooder is […]

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Chicken on May 3rd, 2011

For the urban chicken farmer, the issue to clean or not to clean their chicken eggs is confusing. With some basic information this issue can be resolved. An egg is laid with a natural coating on it called “bloom”. This keeps the egg fresh by sealing them and keeping the bacteria out. (It’s a natural […]

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Chicken on April 29th, 2011

Olie – flock-a-molie!! What is happening around here? Us city people are going to the birds…… that’s right-Chickens, and it’s all the urban rage! This starter guide is the most complete information you can find for free on the web ( you don’t have to buy someones book!) Cities across America that once banned any […]

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